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Dolphin assisted therapy in Antalya, Turkey : Dolphin-assisted therapy can help in solving the following problems: — correction of mental development of humans with neuropathy; — development of cognitive activity in humans with psycho-neurological abnormalities; — chronic pain control; — event lowering in neurotic and vegetative-vascular reactions; — alleviation on psychosomatic disorders; — event lowering in involuntary movements, tics and spasms; — rehabilitation of humans suffered from violence and other stressful situations; — psycho-emotional training for specialists working in the stressful environment; — leisure activity and relaxation for healthy humans, both children and adults.

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Our dolphinarium offers 1 day, 5 days and 10 days dolphin assisted therapy packages in Antalya of Turkey.

Dolphin assisted therapy is an effective treatment for handicapped children Dolphin therapy is a new and exciting field of modern medicine that some people categorize as part of the Animal therapy. TIn spite of current opinion that dolphins heal any disease, dolphin-assisted therapy is not recommended for some ailments such as: — epilepsy — acute infectious diseases — oncologic diseases — conventional contraindications for rehabilitation treatment in the health resorts. We invite you to meet our therapy staff, learn about dolphin assisted therapy, explore great resources for families, and meet our dolphins. There is a program for adults as well with various diseases, psychological and medical needs.

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