Unforgettable dolphin swimming experience

Swimming with dolphins is a life long dream for many people...Is also your dream?

dolphin swimming in antalya Turkey

Feel the thrill of a lifetime as you touch, swim with and even kiss a dolphin in dolphinarium of Antalya Turkey! Let loose, laugh and have loads of fun swimming with dolphins in Antalya Turkey. You’ll share and remember your dolphin moments and your biggest and best smiles ever with our fantastic keepsake photos. You will fall in love at first sight with our amazing dolphins in this shallow- and deep-water dolphin swim experience, where touching a dolphin will touch your heart forever.

Are you ready for a dolphin dance in Antalya Turkey?

Incredible and inspiring in-water interactive dolphin swim experience in Antalya Turkey. Our dolphins come to you for a close-up look and hands on greeting as you sit on an underwater platform. Swim alongside our dolphins and enjoy underwater and above-water views. Each Encounter is unique and different and fun and always extraordinary. Great personalized photos of you and the dolphins available for purchase.



dolphin swimming Antalya

Dolphin Swimming Times in Antalya Turkey : Dolphins in Antalya Turkey are inviting you to have an unforgettable swim experience from 8 AM till 7 PM every day. For swimming with dolphins in Antalya Turkey at least 2 days before exact booking required. You can purchase your ticket from your travel agency, tour guide and online ticket booking system on this web page

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